Thrupence sent waves through the Australian and international music community when he shared ‘Don’t You Mind’ and then ‘Silk’ earlier this year. ‘Lessons’, the fourth in Thrupence’s Original Mixtape series, finally dropped in November, 2014, on Future Classic.

From the whirring harps of ‘Intro’ through to the glitchy electronica of ‘1987’ and sample heavy trip-hop of lead single ‘Don’t You Mind’, the mixtape’s 17 tracks take you on a journey across the colourful landscapes of Thrupence’s sonic palette. ‘Don’t You Mind’ and follow up single ‘Silk’ led to Purple Sneakers dubbing him as “the curator of spacious, dizzying electronica”, The Ripe calling him “an artist that oozes professionalism” and The 405 describing his work as “heavenly stuff”.


Labels:    Future Classic
Publisher:    Future Classic

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