Ta-ku: In Residence

Ta-ku has announced In Residence: a weeklong creative residency in collaboration with Dropbox and Our Golden Age Cinema. From April 11 in Sydney, Ta-ku will bring together global creative thinkers like collaborators in sight and sound Create & Explore, Sydney based chef Dan Hong, aspiring musician Kuren, and more to curate a physical incarnation of his artistic process and world. A gallery exhibit of his Songs To Make Up To photo series will be running through the days, accompanied by nightly talks on different topics that fans can win tickets to. Each talk will showcase how technology constantly redefines the method of creation and collaboration, with Dropbox being the perfect tool to facilitate the process.

The schedule is as follows:

+ Gallery Exhibition: Monday 11th April – Friday 15th April from 9am – 4pm
Featuring Songs To Make Up To photo series at the Paramount Building.

+ @takueats | Monday 11th April, 5pm

Ta-ku will host a talk featuring Sydney’s biggest culinary thinkers and innovators to discuss food trends, restaurants and @takueats.

Mitch Orr: Chef and co­ owner of Acme
Dan Hong: Executive Chef at Mr. Wong’s, Ms. G’s, Papi Chulo, and El Loco 
Dan Hong: Executive Chef at Mr. Wong’s, Ms. G’s, Papi Chulo, and El Loco
Andrew Levins: DJ/Founder of Heaps Decent charity / radio host of “The Mitchen” & “Hay Fam”

+ Create+Explore Photo Walk | Tuesday 12th April, 11am

Following on from photo walks Create Explore have instigator across the globe, Ta-ku and the CE team join educators from the Museum Of Contemporary Art Australia on a guided tour of the MCA collection and encourage others to join, capture images and share via the #createexplore hashtag. This falls as part of the #FCxMCA collab series with label Future Classic.

+ @takubeats | Tuesday 12th April, 5pm

Ta-­ku will lead conversation around emerging producers and beat makers to discuss inspiration and where they are headed.

Kuren: 18-year-old NSW producer + additional guests to be announced

+ Create+Explore Photo Walk | Thursday, 14th April, 11am

Details TBA

+ @takuspeaks | Thursday 14th April, 5pm

Ta-ku and acclaimed photofraphers will examine the power of social media in photography and branding using new artistic mediums.

Denise Kwong: famed Instagram photographer known as @twistdee
KC Avila: Co­founder of creative agency Magic Birds of Jordan
Anthony Berlangieri: freelance photographer specializing in content creation for Google, Youtube, Spotify, Adidas, and more.

+ @takufleeks | Friday 15th April, 5pm

Ta­-ku will head a talk regarding pop culture, fashion inspiration and sneakers with global creatives.

Caroll Lynn: Illustrator and women’s footwear designer at Filling Pieces Amsterdam
+ additional guests to be announced

Tickets to the nightly events will be available via contest submission: futr.cl/ta-kusignup. For those who cannot get along to the events, content produced as part of the residency will also be available to view at dropeverything.com.au.